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Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS Panel)

▶Quadrupole machine/electric interlocking transfer switch

▶Indicator lights of mains supply,power generation,loading conditions

▶Automatic/manual switch

▶Panel dealed with pickling,phosphatization,plastic

▶Leave enough space to make cable convenient to input or output

▶Automatic switching time,it is available from 1 to 60 seconds





Independent and Automatic Panel No Need for Watching

▶Can provide automatic start control function and automatic power transfer function,integration independent control panel,convenient operation and suitable to centralized control of the electonic equipment




Parallel Control Panel

▶Manual/semiautomatic/automatic parallel function for two or more gensets

▶Parallel more gensets to be power net to supply power more stably

▶High centralization,distribute the loading antomatically,convenient maintenance save fuel

▶More economical for future use,Can add equipment at any time to satisfy new load according to the developing requirement


Effective for Muffle

▶To satisfy the requirement of environmental protection,can assemble with high effective muffle to reduce noise,circle noise reducing to achieve better effect